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Product height in cm 18.00

Product height in cm 18.00

Preço normal R 38,500.00 ZAR
Preço normal Preço de saldo R 38,500.00 ZAR
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The system can be used “on grid� without PV panels to provide backup 230V power during mains power interruptions and can be used when PV panels are installed for backup as well as mains utility energy reduction by supplying clean renewable power to your house. The system can also be used to power small homes that are “off the grid�. The system is easy to install and contains the required mains and battery and PV panel safety devices (Isolator and Inverter bypass switch, Circuit Breakers, Earth Leakage, Battery and PV Fuses/Isolators) For the bigger Kit: Multiple systems can be installed to increase the amount of power supplied or to provide 3 phase power


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