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Robotic lawn mower sileno minimo GARDENA 250m2

Robotic lawn mower sileno minimo GARDENA 250m2

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The SILENO is fully connected to the GARDENA smart system. Your garden is taken care of from anywhere (available for SILENO city, SILENO life and SILENO+).The quietest, best in class noise level.Better navigator, tackles the narrowest spaces and tightest corners with reliable precision.SILENO works under all weather conditions, rain or sunshine. Easy or complex lawns.Mowing even difficult or narrow passages from 60 cm between the boundary wires is no problem for SILENO minimo, city and life thanks to the CorridorCut function. Due to a special mowing pattern the lawn is cut evenly.With SpotCutting, a spiral mowing function ideal for hard to reach areas such as under trampolines or garden furniture.All models also have the SensorControl function: The intelligent cutting system automatically adjusts the mowing time based on grass growth.Simply clean the SILENO minimo, city and life using your garden hose. And you are ready to go!Proven technology provides precise results: Thanks to the GARDENA boundary wire, the robotic lawnmower knows exactly where to mow down to the exact centimeter. The boundary wire and guide cable do not have to be buried and will be invisible after a few weeks as the grass grows over them.SILENOs handle inclines up to 35% in your garden (25% for SILENO minimo).


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