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PARKER AS85 double kitchen sink with drainer stainless steel L116cm x W50cm

PARKER AS85 double kitchen sink with drainer stainless steel L116cm x W50cm

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Sink Configuration: Double bowl sinks are ideal for washing dishes in one bowl and rinsing in the other if you have sufficient space in your kitchen to accommodate it. You can also use the bowls separately for food preparation and washing the dishes. A kitchen drainer is a great way to dry your dishes and can hold your dish drying rack. The drainer allows water to flow from your countertop into the sink to avoid the accummulation of water on your countertops which could cause damage. A drainer can be used as a space to put hot items (e.g. pots and pans) and can also be used for food preparation to avoid cuts and nicks damaging your countertop. Material: Stainless steel is an economical option for a sink with the added bonus that it is resistant to cracks, fading, rust and chips, as well as being heat resistant. Should your sink suffer a scratch these can be repaired and brushed/matte finishes will reduce the visibility of any waterspots. These are great long-lasting and hygienic options for the kitchen. Installation: Drop in (also referred to as overmount) sinks sit on top of the countertop with fixtures attached to the sink. These are easily installed and can also be replaced easily.


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