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Charcoal Braai King Size with two independent grills

Charcoal Braai King Size with two independent grills

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Independent grills, a chimney on the lid, a thermometer on the lid for better temperature control. It also has foldable side tables, a handle on the side for easier handling while moving around, a tool hook on the side for all of your braaing tools and air vents for better circulation as well as four wheels for easy mobility. The king size braai is ideal for big events with either family, friends or both. You are able to cook for at least 12 - 15 people as there are multiple independent cooking grids. The cooking area is big with size of 41X27x3cm. Can also be used as a smoker when the lid is closed. There is a thermometer on lid for better temperature control. Air hold on lid and fire bowl for better air circulation. Warm rack to place cooked food and a bottle opener attached. It also has two gird handles to move the grid. Two foldable side tables for placing food , and also to save space when storing the braai. Two independent charcoal holders that are adjustable in height. There are five heights that can be adjusted for good temperature control in the braai. The enamel surface makes it durable with heat. Two independent charcoal doors, used for adding coal when cooking, so there is no need to move away the cooking grid. Two ash collectors that can also be used as an oil collector. Bottom shelf to place charcoal and other objects for storage and wheels for easy mobility.


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